2-Step Workshop Day: Country, Nightclub, Triple

DanceChatter.com Presents

Two-Step Workshop Day

Country 2-Step – Nightclub 2-Step – Triple 2-Step

5 workshops, 3 dance styles, 4 levels, one FUN dance day!



9:15 am –Country 2-Step: The Basics: FREE

FREE to all! Learn the basics of Country 2-Step or refresh the basics you do know! 40 min workshop, 40 minute workshop


10:00 am- Country 2-Step: Beyond Basics: Moving up to Intermediate

Learn patterns and techniques essential to move up from Beginning to Intermediate!

Double inside and outside turns, checks and weaves, whips


11:00 pm – Country 2-Step: Intermediate/Advanced

Pull out the stops, here’s the flash and cash!


12:00-12:30 pm – Break + Open Dancing. Bring your own snacks and refreshments!


12:30 pm –Nightclub 2-Step: Mixed Level

Take your Nightclub to a new level! Whether beginner or intermediate, this workshop will elevate your Nightclub with new patterns, style and shaping.


1:30 pm – Triple 2-Step: Beginning Level

Yes, it’s true – there IS another 2-Step out there! If Country 2-Step and Nightclub 2-Step had a baby, it would look like Triple 2!


Dance breaks in between classes, all classes are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise listed

1 Workshop: $15; 2 or more workshops: $10/each

Event Pre-Pay not allowed at this time.

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