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“Whether in the studio, at a party, or at a convention; Trish’s classes are fun, educational, and enjoyable. They are a perfect blend of dance, instruction, and entertainment.”

– Joe Smith

What dance do you want to learn?

American Rumba -

This hot-hot-hot partner dance is both sexy and elegant with plenty of s-i-z-z-l-e to go around! With its characteristic hip and leg action, sharp turns and dramatic slow-to-fast contrast, Rumba is definitely a dance to remember! ... more

American Tango -

American Tango was introduced in the United States in the 1940?s as a simplified and “sanitary” (e.g. less gritty and vulgar) version of the Argentine Tango which originated in the brothels of Buenos Aires. Tango, with its “Tango Walks,” quick foo ... more

Cha Cha -

If the music doesn’t make you want to "Cha-Cha-Cha," nothing will! Cha Cha is probably the most recognized of all the Latin dances and with good reason! This highly stylized dance can be slow and sexy or fast and exciting; and the music! Well, let’s j ... more

Country 2-Step -

“Country 2-Step is fast, fun, upbeat and EASY!” Yee-haw! Country 2-Step is fast, fun, upbeat and EASY! Hat, boots and big belt buckles are optional, but fun is a definite must! Country 2-Step has been a staple on the American dance floor for generatio ... more

East Coast Swing -

Whether you prefer the classic big band sound or today’s retro-swing, East Coast Swing is the most recognized form of Swing in the United States today. It’s easy, fun, looks great, and once you learn a few basic patterns, you’re ready to go! ... more

Foxtrot -

You can never go wrong with a good, basic Foxtrot. Foxtrot is a Ballroom classic, and for good reason – it’s so versatile and always looks beautiful on the floor. ... more

Hustle -

No, not the line dance from Saturday Night Fever! This type of Hustle is a partner dance, fast, furious and very exciting! Typically done to up-temp “disco” type music, this flashy dance generates tons of energy and captures the attention of everyone ... more

Nightclub 2-Step -

This beautiful, romantic dance is so dreamy as it floats across the floor — Everything you could want in a dance when you’re in the arms of someone you care about. Nightclub Two-Step is a beautiful and elegant dance for any special romantic occasion, ... more

Nightclub Slow Dance -

Nightclub Slow Dance is the perfect dance for beginning level dancers. A simplified variation of Foxtrot, Nightclub Slow Dance is very simple, very versatile, very easy, yet can look quite elegant out there on the dance floor. Ideal for getting through th ... more

Private Lessons -

... more

Salsa -

The name says it all! This hot and spicy dance done to hot and spicy Latin music is one of the easier partner dances to learn and so much fun! ... more

San Diego -

... more

Waltz -

Few dances look as graceful and elegant as a beautiful Waltz – The way it sweeps across the floor, the stately rise and fall, the beautiful shaping and sway…Waltz is truly the stuff that dance dreams are made of. With its basic steps and timing, waltz ... more

West Coast Swing -

This is not your mother’s Swing dance! West Coast Swing is the crème-de-la-crème of Swing dances, and the state dance of California. West Coast Swing is one of the most versatile and creative partner dances around and is danced to everything from blue ... more

Your Wedding Dance -

Too often, the wedding dance is at the bottom of the wedding "to do" list. For best results and to feel the most comfortable out there on the dance floor, start preparing for your wedding dance by scheduling lessons at least six to eight weeks before the ... more