July 30: Double Duty Sunday -and- What IS California Country Mix??

Posted on July 30th, 2017, in Dance Classes, Newsletters, Other Dance Events, Writings

Hello, San Diego Dancers!

It is Sunday, July 30th and David and I are getting ready for a GREAT day of dancing!

We start off at the San Diego Swing Dance Club with a 3:00 pm Intermediate West Coast Swing lesson, followed by open dancing at 4:00 pm.

“Get More Mileage Out of Your Moves” is our theme for the workshop – Our lesson plan includes an all purpose pattern, tips and techniques on improving that pattern, and a more advanced variation (maybe two if time allows?) of that same move. Also, a few syncopations thrown in for good measure!

Next we jet over to Dance for 2 studio for our monthly California Country Sunday dance – where we have a 30-minute Intermediate Country 2-Step lesson followed by open dancing with a “California Country Mix” music playlist. 

What is “California Country Mix”, you ask? It’s where the music is primarily Country 2-Step music with a healthy dose of West Coast Swing thrown in, followed by Nightclub 2-Step, Cha Cha, and Waltz – plus, of course, your requests.